Is the Wuhan outbreak Prevotella (or some bacteria)-integrated-nCov (N=4 now)?

Secondary infections causing all the fatalities/hospitalizations?

Like in 2003 SARS?

  1. Prevotella in China data – submitted 25 Jan. This is in HUGE amounts. And expressing proteins involved in immune suppression (Table 1)
  2. Prevotella in Shenzen data – submitted 16th Jan (they tested for Mycoplasma – and did not find it, it is there – 1174 reads). Bacterial load is significant.
  3. And China data again  submitted 16th Jan. The authors say this “reagent contamination”. after having failed to report it. Impossible.
  4. San Diego county – which surprisingly has a lot of reads matching nowhere (unknown species)??


Prevotella is responsible for aspiration pneumonia, with the same ground-glass opacity being used to detect Covid19.

And also for IL-6 overexpression.

Does its being anaerobic (doesnt need oxygen) have anything to do with breathing troubles?

Something like this is happening ?

“During the lysogenic cycle, the bacteriophage intoduces its genome into the host cell’s DNA to replicate passively with the host, without producing virions”

Or are these chimeric reads (N=4) a result of sequencing artifacts?

Rest, the theory fits observed events

  1.   high false negatives
  2.   long incubation periods, abdomen,etc) like a glove.
  3. And antibiotics (azithromycin) are working. Sometimes just antibiotics are working.

Anyone has a alternate working hypothesis?

Prevotella is a known gut bacteria for causing toxicity. Thats why this is spreading through stool.


Why else would patients show abdominal problems before respiratory?

In this pape (Feb 7), “Clinical Characteristics of 138 Hospitalized Patients With 2019 Novel Coronavirus–Infected Pneumonia in Wuhan, China” (7th Feb)

  1. One patient in the current study presented with abdominal symptoms and was admitted to the surgical department.
  2. More than 10 health care workers in this department were presumed to have been infected by this patient.


Also, In children (Feb 28) “2+ weeks in respiratory swabs & up to 1 month in stool!” And fecal samples (Mar 11) found to have live virus (n=2)




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