Bacterial co-infection from sequencing data submitted (n=11 studies, 29 patients) – China(5), San Diego County/Brazil/Peru/Cambodia shows anaerobic bacteria colonization, but no virus in blood (n=3)

SARS-Cov2 enables anaerobic bacteria (Prevotella, et al) to colonize the lungs disrupting homeostasis – symptoms (ARDS, septic shock, blood clots, arterial stroke) finds resonance, with key differences, in the ‘forgotten disease’ Lemierre Syndrome, caused by anaerobic bacteria enabled by Epstein Barr Virus”

And NGS is a good way to find secondary infection – culturing is not.

  1. Prevotella in China data – pre-print submitted 25 Jan. This is in HUGE amounts. And expressing proteins involved in immune suppression (Table 1). Preprint here.
  2. Prevotella in Lancet Shenzen data – submitted 16th Jan (they tested for Mycoplasma – and did not find it, but it is there – 1174 reads). Bacterial load is significant. Pre-print here.
  3. And China data again  submitted 16th Jan. The authors say this “reagent contamination” after having failed to report it. Same Prevotalla immune suppresion proteins.
  4. San Diego county – which surprisingly has a lot of reads matching nowhere (unknown species)??
  5. Brazil – very low viral load (152 reads), significant bacterial load.
  6. Five patients at the early stage of the Wuhan seafood market pneumonia virus outbreak’ – bacterial load is much higher than SARS-Cov2 load, Pseudomonas is a definite problem in one patient, and Prevotella is abundant in all patients
  7. Bronchoalveolar lavage is the best method to obtain SAR-Cov2 samples compared to throat swab, feces and sputum – a 10 patient RNA-seq data analysis, along with bacterial metagenome.
  8. Peru –If data from this patient in Peru does’nt convince you that Covid19 is a battle for oxygen between humans and O2 hating anaerobic bacteria, nothing else will…
  9. Cambodia – Same like 8
  10. Ecuador – 1 viral read in 200K reads, bacterial homeostatis not disrupted.
  11. China – paper published on human response, but no bacterial analysis (shows the same trend of Prevotella being abundant)





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