Every aspect of a theory may not hold – that Prevotella is synenergizing with SARS-Cov2, I am 99.9999% sure, whether it infects SARS-Cov2 I am not sure

You all believe Newton’s Laws?

Do you believe Alchemy in which he dedicated significant effort? Does that disprove this other laws? Or that Einstein may have made a blunder? (Forgive me for bringing these heroes of mine into this)

There are two parts to my theory – fully based on sequencing data from 25 patients across the globe (China, US, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil)


1. SARS-Cov2 is enabling anaerobic bacteria (Prevotella, et al) to colonize the lungs – I am as convinced as can be.

This theory fits observed events like a glove – and that antibiotics (Azithromycin) are working (not sure the role HCQ plays).

  1. Cytokine storm
  2. Ground glass opacity
  3. Blood clotting
  4. Low viral load
  5. Sepsis/High Procalcitonin/
  6. Giving O2 makes things worse

And there are better antibiotics (doxyclycine, flagyl) etc.

2. Prevotella is not a bacteriophage – it would be a first, once again based on data, but I am not fully convinced…

  1. Maybe its sequencing artifact, but maybe this virus is – for the the first time – able to enter both bacteria and human cells.


There is no conspiracy theory or anything – all I have is a falsifiable theory, a hypothesis.

Just test patients for certain kinds of bacteria – most studies dont do it (or do it properly). If I am wrong, it wont matter much – but if I am right, it will change the course of this pandemic.




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